Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Day 13 Mt Field National Park to Hobart

Date: 18/JAN/2010
Route:Mt Field National Park - New Norfolk - Hobart
Distance:80 km
Accident: 0
Puncture: 0
Weather: Fine with light shower
Accommodation: Central City Backpackers ($23 / Dorm)


The last day of this touring trip. I was not able to sleep well last night, as I was too excited about the fact that I was going to complete my trip. It was long way to come here.

I finally fall asleep around 3am and work up at 5am.

Today's goal was the starting point of this trip, Hobart.As soon as I got up, I had breakfast, packed up, said good bye to Michelle, my neighbor camper.

When I left the park, it was sunny but raining. That strange weather made a beautiful morning sunrise. It was a good start.

Rainfall in the Sunshine - Mt Field NP

The ride today was basically flat with one hill (400m) in the end. I stopped at New Norfolk for morning tea. I don't mention the name but a cafe I stopped by was one of the worst cafes I've ever visited. I ordered bacon and egg breakfast. What I got was 2 pieces of bread, 2 PRE-COOKED poached eggs and some slices of bacon. No tomato, hollandaise sauce or harsh brown on side. When I asked for sauce for eggs they said, "20c for Tomato Sauce". Fine, I will never come back there again.

How much for a bunch? - Flower on sale on the side of the road

After the cafe break, I climbed up today's only hill. From the top of the hill I could see Derwent River far under the hill.

From the top - Near Molesworth

Hobart was very close. Just 15km to go. From the top of the hill I had a long decent to the river level. 10km from there to Hobart, there was a cycle path all way down. Too easy mate.

When I was riding in the cycle path, I hear someone calling me and he said "Are you Yohei?" It was Mike! He was from Perth working in Tasmania. He was having his morning ride toward the hillside and I was riding into the city. He was one of very few Tasmanians I know. It was a total coincidence wasn't it!? It made me think how small the world was. We had a brief chat and decided to ride up to Mt Wellington tomorrow. it is one of the highest mountains in Tassie and it's just 20km out of Hobart.

No Polo Players, No Dogs, No Cats on this path - Intercity Cycleway

Great ,there will be another ride tomorrow!

Getting into Hobart, I checked in Central City Backpackers. It's so different from campsite, many backpackers and very noisy. Now I feel like I am survived back to CIVILIZATION!

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