Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Day 13 - 15

Cows watching me

Day 13 (29-December-2008)

Walpole – Valley of the Giants (Tree Top Walk) – Parry Beach

Distance: 70km

Weather: Fine

Puncture: 0

Accident: 0

Accommodation: Parry Beach Place ($2)

Day 14 (30–December-2008)

Parry Beach – William Bay – Denmark – Mount Barker

Distance: 92km

Weather: Fine (Very Hot in Mount Barker)

Puncture: 0

Accident: 0

Accommodation: Mount Barker Caravan & Cabin Accommodation ($17)

Day 15 (31-December-2008)

Mount Barker - Albany

Distance: 51.3km

Weather: Fine

Puncture: 0

Accident: 0

Accommodation: Parry Beach Place

The ride has been a bit hard these days, as I think I had been riding fairly long without rest for about a week. I was riding the hilly wood Margaret River Region for couple of days with an average distance of over 100 and still didn’t take any rest. But anyway, I decided not to take a rest on the way. But the thing is that even I’m quite tired, once I’m on the bike riding, I feel recovered (for a while though,)!

Anyway, these are what I have done these 3 days.

Day 13

I tried one of the most famous tourism attractions of the area, Tree Top Walk in the Valley of the Giants.

Tree Top Walk

This amazing walk takes you to the top of trees. You can walk on the bridges built between trees. Also, after the walk there is another walk path of giant tingle tree. (Takes 30 minutes / entry $8)

Meet the Proud Supporter of 2 Minutes Nodules on a highway totally by Chance

The Proud Supporter of 2 Minutes Nodules is one of my cycle mates in Perth, who is actually making a bike touring to Augusta soon. He told me before I start the trip that he would be in Parry Beach over Christmas and New Year. So I hoped to see him in down here. It was miracle, I would say. As I approached to the Parry Beach Road, the road to the beach offs the highway. There was a white van at the end of the Parry Beach Road. As I get close to the van, the window open and he was in the car! I think I was in a really good luck. In that night his family treated me with barbie, beer and stayed in the campsite with them. I feel really appreciate for him and his family! Cheers mate, and have a great bike trip to Augusta!

Day 14

Lave Parry beach around 7.00. Today’s destination was Mount Barker, the gateway to the Stirling Range National Park and Porolongup National park, the states highest mountain ranges. I came up with a great idea for the coming new year. Why don’t I go to the highest peak of the states, Bluff Knoll (1,073m), to see the first sunrise of 2009. So I changed the plan of going to Albany to Mount Barker.

William Bay

I stopped by this bay on the way as the Proud Supporter of 2 Minutes Nodules recommended this bay. Sandy Beach surrounded by rocks, this place would be a very safe swimming beach and good fishing spot and the strange scenery of the bay is worth to see.

Arrived in Mount Barker at 12.30. There was not much to do in the town and hot!! Checked in the caravan park, read book, had dinner and went to bed.

Day 15

This morning my legs’ sore was on the peak. So I decided not to go to the highest peak for the new year, but go to Albany to have some rest instead. The way was hard even it wasn’t hilly but a bit windy. It wasn’t a long ride but felt like riding 100km.

Arrived in Albany around 10.30. God luck I got the last second bed in the hostel. Actually the city of Albany was really packed. There were many many cars on the street and many tourists as well. I felt like I was in a big city since I was away from city with the population of 10,000 for a while. (Albany’s Population 32,000). In a meantime I met a German guy and Hong Kong girl and a couple from Scotland and Ukraine. We talked about anything for a while and end up with the conclusion of having a Barbie (BBQ) dinner to celebrate the end of the year. So I’m waiting the Barbie to be ready with a glass of Jim Beans with Coke, yum yum…

This is the last blog in the year of 2008 have a great rest year and have a happy new year, guys.

William Bay
the Proud Supporter of 2 Minutes Nodules and his family
Tree Top Walk, Walpole
Good place to stay a night or two in Walpole, Walpole lodge

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Day 12

Day 12 (28 December 2008)
Pemberton - Northcliffe - Walpole
Distance: 130.87km
Weather: Fine
Puncture: 0
Accident: 0
Accommodation: Walpole Lodge ($25/Dorm)

It was eventually the longest ride of the trip. I was just riding, riding and riding. I didn't do any sightseeing today. I was just concentrated on completed this mission ride.
Gosh, I'm so glad that I found a proper accommodation and manage to cook proper meal tonight.
That's all from today. Hopefully, I will catch up with the proud supporter of 2 minutes nodules tomorrow.

Chao, good night.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Day 7- 11

Day 7 (23 December 2008)
Margaret River - Conto Springs - Lake Cave - Giant Cave - Augusta - Cape Leeuwin & Leeuwin Light House - Augusta
Puncture: 0
Accident: o
Day 8 (24 December 2008)
Augusta - (Cruise) - around Molloy Island - Augusta - (Canoe) - East Augusta - Augusta
Puncture: 0
Accident: o
Day 9 (25 December 2008)
Puncture: 0
Accident: o
Day 10 (26 December 2008)
Augusta - Nannup
Puncture: 0
Accident: o
Day 11 (27 December 2008)
Nannup - Manjimup - Pemberton
Puncture: 0
Accident: o
I couldn't find the access to the Internet for 5 days. This is the good part of being in rural areas. Anyway, Let's start with day 7
Day 7 Margaret River
Couldn't sleep at all even I had been riding on my bike and had some beer as the hostel was too noisy. A guy staying in the same room brought back a girl to our room and had "a good time" for 2 hours from 2-4 am. 2 hours in the midnight, can you believe that? Anyway the rest of the day was cycling toward south. I stopped by place called Conto Springs. There is a really good camp cite there! I tried two caves but didn't get any of them as:
Lake Cave - didn't like the reception, it was one of the worst reception I've ever encountered.
Giant Cave - it was closed when I went there at 9.15 am (It's suppose to be open from 9)
After the ride to Augusta, checked in a hostel, I couldn't help myself lying on a bed for a nap.
Day 7 - 9 Augusta
Well, I would say this small town was really nice town with beautiful green nature, beaches, and stars and one of the cleanest, tidiest, great view, and friendly hostel, and such a friendly bunch people. I met many people from different back ground from the local hippy (well, kind of), German Students, French tourists, worker, local people to bike tourists. Yeah, the first bike tourists I saw in this trip. They are also touring from Perth, but their bike is mountain bikes with suspensions on the front! Gosh I can''t believe how fit they are. Anyway, my Christmas in this small town was yum yum! Did some Aussie barbie with the local hippy (well, sort of) and German students and had some cray fish, sausages and Kangaroo meat! Even though I there was no turkey on the Christmas dish, they are even more yum yum.
Day 10 Nunnup
This small town (population applox 600) in the middle of mountain. Because of the boxing day all shops were closed, luckily find a burger shop open. It seems like not many people are keen on shopping on the Boxing day.
Day 11 Nunnup - Pemberton
It was the most hilly ride of this trip. The distance I did was around 100km which is not that long but, gosh my legs are shaking! But good thing around this area is that there were so many wild animals on the way (not dead one). I saw Parent and kid of Kangaroos jumping alongside the road and I rode bike with kangaroo for around 500m. It was really OZ experience!!
Also, more and more bike riders are in this area. I saw 2 road bike tourists and 2 mountain bike riders in Nunnup, 2 bike tourists between Manjimup and Pemberton, and 2 bike tourists who I met in Augusta. So yeah, I would say Its perfect place to bike if you like hills.
That briefly all about my days. It's shame that I can't put photo as the computer here is crappy, but anyway I will head to Walpole tomorrow if my legs are recovered by tomorrow morning.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Day 4 - 6

Got a Box of Wine!
Day 4
Busselton -(Car)- Eagle Bay-(Car)- Mountain Bike Ride -(Car)-Cape Naturaliste -(Car)-Sugar Loaf Rocks -(Car)- Dunsbrough -(Car)-Busselton -(Car)-Margaret River -(Car)-Mountain Bike Ride -(Car)-House Warming Party in Margaret River - Busselton

Distance: 35 km ish (Mountain Ride Biking)
Weather: Stormy Rain - Cloudy after
Puncture: 0
Accident: 0
Day 5
Busselton - Dunsborough - Nigligi Cave - Yallingup
Distance: 49km
Weather Mostly Cloudy otherwise Sunny
Puncture: 0
Accident: 0
Day 6
Yallingup - Canel Rocks - Gracetown - Cowaramup (Regional Wine Centre) - Margaret River - Ellensblook Homestead - Prevelly -Margaret River
Distance: 110km
Puncture: 0
Accident: 0

Well, there are a lot to tell.
Day 4
Catch up with Gian who is Ash's mate who lives in Busselton. Instead of going furture down south on my bike he took me the tour of the area and mountain bike track and his friend's house warming party.

There are ABSOLUTELY awesome bike mountain tracks in this region, on the tracks you would encounter the scenery of bushes, forests, rocks, sands, and of course beaches. I really impressed with the ride in Margaret River. As we went into the forest of Margret River, we have seen forest all burn out buy the on-purpose bush fire. So the about the half trees are in black and white. Have you seen a forest with the colour of only black and white? We are so lucky! We call it as the Tipsy Hell Ride. (Of course, we had some wine before the ride)

After the ride we went to a house warming party of Jian's Friend, there are quiet a few local people there some were uni-students and some were working. They are all nice people and even though it was the first contact with them, they are really friendly and nice people, thanks mates I had awesome night! (But sorry for coming into your new house in Bear foots and get asleep in the middle of the party!)
Day 5

Well, wake up with a bit of hangover. Left Gian's place around noon.
Thanks Gian. You are sensational and awesome!! I really had good time with you there in Busselton see you later after the trip, I will visit you for sure!

As I had a bit hangover I just had a easy ride to Yallingup via Nigligi Cave. The cave was nice.

Set a camp in a caravanpark in Yallingup had some beer with other campers from Busselton and went to bed. Thanks for the beer!
Day 6
Oh I'm running out of time, so just briefly.
Canal Rock : Must Visit
Resignal Wine Centre : Good Deal on the local wines (I actually bought a box of wine (12 bottles )there, I will hold a wine party some day in Perth.)
Ellensblook Homestead: Closed, but nice walk around
Margaret River: Small, but many people. A lot to do. At the backpacker I'm staying, there are a lot of Swedish people somehow,,,

Well, something like that! All good. Good night, mates!

Photos are down there 写真はこちら↓

Friday, 19 December 2008

Day 3

Day 3 19/12/08
Bunbury - Busselton
Distance - 76.83km
Weather: Fine
Puncture: 0
Accident: 0
Accommodation: Jian's place

The night was good fun as I stayed at a YHA instead of Camp site. But the bed was too soft. I like a bed like a wood.

I saw quite a few Korean working holiday makers at this place. (Actually, 6 people in my room 4 Korean, 1 German, and me) They work at a chicken farm from 6am - 6pm nearly every day. I thought that working holiday is not easy holiday.

This morning I woke up at 5.30. They are already gone to work, god they are real hard workers.
Anyway, I had some garlic bread and fruit from last night for breakfast and left the hostel around 7.00.

Today was not a too hard day as the way to Busselton is just 50 km ish. Also, there was a tourist drive on the way, so wasn't bothered with the traffic so much this morning.

Arrive in Busselton about 11.00am. This was actually second time to visit here but, the beach in this town is AWESOME!! I really want to show you the photos of the beach but due to the computer I can't really show you right now. ) It is really like painting or something.

As I had plenty of time to wonder around the town I went town's major places of interest,Old Butter Factory, Courthouse Art Centre, and did some ride alongside the Geographe Bay. (Actually the most popular place of this town is the Busselton Jetty, the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere of the globe, but I've been there already so I didn't go there this time.)

1. Old Butter Factory
This sounds fun isn't it. I went there and there was a paper on the entrance door.


Okay, they are working of restoration during the Christmas as well.
let's move on.

2. Courthouse Art Centre
This art gallery was unexpectedly good, with arts drawn or created by the local artists (Consequently, most arts are related to its beach.) and the building of the art gallery was used to be a real court house so there were cells for bad people and a court room as well.

3. Ride alongside the Geographe Beach
As I mentioned the beach of Busselton is AWESOME. There are beautifully maintained bike path alongside the bay as well, so I rode bike on the path. It was good, but felt a bit too long (10km for one way from the Jetty to the end of the path.)

Something like that from today, I have got a place to sleep at Gian's place, he is Ash's friend and tomorrow he will take me to a mountain bike ride, sound awesome.

But I need rest before, Riding whole day under the sun makes me tired very quickly.

Good night.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Day 2

Day 2
Dawesville - Myalup Beach - Austrlind - Bunbury
Distance - 103.58km
Weather: FinePuncture: 0
Accident: 0
Accomodation: Bunbury YHA ($26)

There is no time left for the Internet so let's make it short.

Nice Beaches Good ride

I'll put photos later.

Day 1

Day 1

Perth - Rockingham - Mandrah - Dawesville
Distance: 130.52km
Weather: Fine + Windy
Puncture: 0
Accident: 0
Accommodation: Dawesville Holiday Park (Powered Camp Site : $33)

This is my first day of my trip! Get up at 5, coulndn't really sleep. Left home around 6.30 being saw off by my host mother Dee. Stared the city of Perth smaller as I ride toward south. See you Perth for a while.

The first half of the ride was easy as there was a well equipped cycle path on the way, but the secound half was riding creazy fast cars on the right.

In Mandurah, I went to a popular bakery, the Miami Bake House. Its pie was beautiful, I can't help eating 4 pies, thanks Ash!

Settled in Dawesville as I planned but it cost me a lot, one powered camp site for $33. It's more than hostel. But there was no choice so I stayed there.

Good Night.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Ride Down Under - Greeting

Dear readers

Welcome to my new blog, Ride Down Under. This bog is for my bike touring around Australia, yes, again a blog about bike!

I don’t know how it came up with me. Travelling anywhere by bike. This feeling started occupying my mind since 2007. By now I can’t really imagine myself travelling without on my bike. May be bike is becoming the part of myself. The best way to fulfill this obsession is simple. "bike it, pedal it". So I do the same thing this time as well.

The first trip aims to Esperance, which is located in the east of the Great Southern of Western Australia.

The details of the trip will come up shortly.

I hope you will enjoy reading this bolg as well and hope you will travel with your bike next time!


12 December 2008

Sunday, 14 December 2008

About the Ride Down Under

About The Ride Down Under
Welcome to The Ride Down Under.
This is the official blog of Yohei's bike tour, The Ride Down Under. (Well, no one make unofficial blog for my trip though,,,)
This time I'm riding in Western A
ustralia from Perth to Esperance from 17 December for about 3 week.

The Objective
The objectives of the RIDE DOWN UNDER are:
-To explore WA touris
t sites,
- To find hidden and unknown secret sites, restaurants, pubs, etc
-To challenge myself,
- To make people more bicycle and environmental friendly,

-and of course to have heaps of fun :)

The C

(A)Perth – Mandurah (73km)

(B)Mandurah – Bunbury (106km)

(C)Bumbury – Busselton (49km)

(D)Busselton – Cape Naturaliste – Dunsborough – Yallingup (56km)

(E)Yallingup – Margaret River (41km)

(F)Margaret River - Augusta (50km)

(G)Augusta – Nannup(83km)

(H)Nunnup – Bridgetown (45km)

(I)Bridgetown – Pemberton (67km)

(J)Pemberton – Northcliff – Walpole (125km)

(K)WalpoleParry BeachDenmark (78km)

(L)DenmarkAlbany (51km)

(M)Albany – Boxwood Hill (118km)

(N)Boxwood Hill – Jerramungup (60km)

(O)Jerramungup – Ravensthorpe (110km)

(P)Ravensthorpe – Esperance (186km)

*the course may change subject to my feeling

The Distance
Perth - Esperance
(According to the Google Map)
*the distance may change subject to my feeling.

The Bike
Bianchi Lupo
This is the bike I use for the Ride Down Under. As it is a cycle cross bike, it is not particularly designed for touring, but I'm sure she will do the job well. I put a pair of pania bags on the back of the bike and place a tent and sleeping bag on the carrier. In this trip I use the tyre of 700x23, it might be too thin but hope it will work well as well.

Special Thanks

Thanks heaps for your guidance and encouragement. Can't imagine I'm able to do this without your help!
Information for Action (Rowland)
Fleet Cycle Perth (Jack)
Ideal Cycle Freo
Sunday Fix Crew (Ashley, Alex, Prawi, Eric, Nathan and all other crew)
Kyoto Bike Crew (Sanbo, Kondo-kun, Tabacchan(kimi), Sayacafe-san, Hamutaro, Nanbu-san and other all other crew.)
Paul, Mark, Nishimoto, Yana, Betty, Dee and my mother and brothers.

Well, hope I will safely back Perth alive.

Friday, 12 December 2008

About Me

About Me

It's time to reveal the time line of my sort of average life in brief. It is interesting to see how one's life switches. It has not been a perfect life but I think it is not too bad, can't complain, mate!


Born in Nara, Japan


Spend some portion of Childhood in London, the UK


Become a hopeless and naughty kid at school.(I very good at getting 0 score in any subjects.)


Re-think my future and start playing badminton and studying accounting, and vocal training.

Being obsessed with karaoke

Badminton: Become the best 16 of the city.

Accounting: Pass the 1st grade certificate in Accounting.

Vocal training: Give up due to Financial Reason


Move to Kyoto, Japan

Become a business student at Kyoto Sangyo University in Kyoto.


Fly to the California and Delaware USA, realise that there is oxygen in the rest of the world.

Start clubbing.


Fly to Christchurch, New Zealand.

Start being obsessed with traveling.

Complete the diploma in tourism at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT).

Start being addicted to the Korean Cuisine.

Travel all around NZ

Travelling and partying becomes my favorite activities.


Stop playing badminton and start riding bike.

Get a cyclo-cross bike (Bianchi Lupo)

Travel the whole length of Japan with Sanbo by bike

Get a fixie (Katakura Silk) from Nanbu-San of Eirin

Win the speech and debate contest of the university.

Become a part-time hotel man.

Travel in Korea taste the hottest Korean dish, Fire Chicken.


Travel in India end up with hospitalisation.

Fly to Perth, Australia.

Become a tourism student at a college in Perth.


Complete the world bike touring.