Friday, 1 January 2010

About the Ride Down Under 2

About the Ride Down Under 2


Well, it’s been a year since I completed my first bike touring in Australia. Now, it’s time to come back. This time I am heading to overseas. Passport is needed. Yes, the second destination for the RDU is TASMANIA!

Tasmania has been attracting destination for me since I discovered about the fact that Tasmania is one of the most well known destinations to tour by bike in the world with its mountainous country and world heritage listed wilderness.

I hope to successfully and safely complete my ride and enjoy the Tour as I did last year. I hope this blog will be enjoyable one for you to read.

The Objectives

It is essential to have goals to do anything, even for a tiny thing like riding from work to home. So here are the objectives for this time. I will make them all!!

1.To beat the hills of the Tasmania

2.To visit the major tourism attraction which Tasmania offers

3.To discover and enjoy Tessie wines, daily products and natural gourmet.

4.To make the world a bit more bike friendly

And most importantly,

5.To ride safely and have a killer time there.

The plan

Departure Date: 04/JAN/2010(MON): Perth
à(Flight)à Melbourne à(Flight)àHobart

[N] Day 1 (05/JAN/2010(TUE)) Hobart àPort Arthur (105km)

[B] Day 2 (06/JAN/2010(WED)) Port Arthur à Ross (169km)

[C] Day 3 (07/JAN/2010(THU)) Ross à Coles Bay (116km)

[D] Day 4 (08/JAN/2010(FRI)) Coles Bay à Binalong Bay (122km)

[E] Day 5 (09/JAN/2010(SAT)) Binalong Bay à Scottsdale (93.3km)

[F] Day 6 (10/JAN/2010(SUN)) Scottsdale à Launceston (67.6km)

[G] Day 7 (10/JAN/2010(MON)) Launceston à Paradise (85km)

[H] Day 8 (11/JAN/2010(TUE)) Paradise à Cradle Mountain Village (59.5km)

[I] Day 9 (12/JAN/2010(WED)) Cradle Mountain Village à Rosebery (75.2km)

[J] Day 10 (13/JAN/2010(THU)) Rosebery à Queenstown (54.8km)

[K] Day 11 (14/JAN/2010(FRI)) Queenstown à Tungatinah (130km)

[L] Day 12(15/JAN/2010(SAT)) Tungatinah à Westerway(71km)

[N]Day 13(16/JAN/2010(SUN)) Westerway à Hobart (65km)

[-] Day 14(17/JAN/2010(MON)) Spare Day 1

[-] Day 15 (18/JAN/2010 (TUE)) Spare Day 2

Return Date: 19/JAN/09(WED) Hobart à(Flight) àAdelaide

Return Date: 20/JAN/09(THU) Adelaide à(Indian Pacific) à23/JAN/2010(SAT) Perth

*Tour route may change subject to my feeling as usual.

Estimated Total Distance: 1,211km (By Google Maps)

The Bike

Bianchi Lupo

The bike is same as the last time. I just replaced some parts which were worn to new ones. So she is ready to go. It’s a cycle-cross bike, which is basically a road bike with more clearance for tyres and the wider geometry of the frame. The bike is not specifically designed for cycle touring but it is a bike which enables me to ride long distance without having a pain in my ass. So that’s all I need for the touring.

View the Full Specification and photos of the Bike

Special thanks

Deepest gratitude toward the following people and organisations for their support, guidance, and advice to make this trip possible.

P.C.P.(Ash, Brad, Tom, Prawi, Nick, Wally, Robby, Bobby, Darren and all other PCP crew)

Hilton Family (All the our Hilton Family)

Ideal Cycles

Greg Stoyles Cycles (KASPER)

Blue Travel (Sayu-san, Taka-san, Yui-chan, Jyunko-Chan, and Yumiko-san and oll other staff at the BLUE)

Information for Aciton (Rowland)

Kyoto Bike Crew (Sanbo, Kondo-kun, Tabacchan(kimi), Sayacafe-san, Hamutaro, Nanbu-san and other all other crew.)

House Mates (Zoe, Lisa and Mat)

Andraj, Jana, Joel, Juraj, Lucia ,Minna, Paul,and all my mates

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  1. Awesome! This is absolutely wonderful adventure you are going to experience! I believe you'll enjoy your great bike trip. I'll think of you a lot! Be sure that I would love to go with you as well! Be safe, please! Hope to hear from you soon.