Friday, 12 December 2008

About Me

About Me

It's time to reveal the time line of my sort of average life in brief. It is interesting to see how one's life switches. It has not been a perfect life but I think it is not too bad, can't complain, mate!


Born in Nara, Japan


Spend some portion of Childhood in London, the UK


Become a hopeless and naughty kid at school.(I very good at getting 0 score in any subjects.)


Re-think my future and start playing badminton and studying accounting, and vocal training.

Being obsessed with karaoke

Badminton: Become the best 16 of the city.

Accounting: Pass the 1st grade certificate in Accounting.

Vocal training: Give up due to Financial Reason


Move to Kyoto, Japan

Become a business student at Kyoto Sangyo University in Kyoto.


Fly to the California and Delaware USA, realise that there is oxygen in the rest of the world.

Start clubbing.


Fly to Christchurch, New Zealand.

Start being obsessed with traveling.

Complete the diploma in tourism at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT).

Start being addicted to the Korean Cuisine.

Travel all around NZ

Travelling and partying becomes my favorite activities.


Stop playing badminton and start riding bike.

Get a cyclo-cross bike (Bianchi Lupo)

Travel the whole length of Japan with Sanbo by bike

Get a fixie (Katakura Silk) from Nanbu-San of Eirin

Win the speech and debate contest of the university.

Become a part-time hotel man.

Travel in Korea taste the hottest Korean dish, Fire Chicken.


Travel in India end up with hospitalisation.

Fly to Perth, Australia.

Become a tourism student at a college in Perth.


Complete the world bike touring.

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  1. Hi Yohei,

    Damn, I thought "I" was a good rider!!! but you have just raised the endurance bar amongst amateur cyclists. Very impressed!!

    I hope you learn a lot more out there. Stay cool.

    Mark (Courier Australia #24)

    P.S. Every experience is a good experience, even the bad ones when you are a traveller - so let it go!!!!!!!!