Monday, 22 February 2010

Day 12 Mt Field National Park (Rest Day)

Date: 17/JAN/2010
Route:Mt Field National Park
Distance:0 km
Accident: 0
Puncture: 0
Weather: Land of the Giants Campground ($10 / Unpowered)

Today was a rest day, so the day has passed in a very simple way with, sleeping, reading, walking and eating.

I woke up at 7.30am. I saw a blue sky. Thanks to the tiredness from yesterday's lengthy and demanding ride, I had one of the soundest sleep in this journey. Feeling fresh made me walk for a while. I went to the Park's famous Russel Fall. The walk was about 30minuites return from the tent. The fall was nice as usual.

Russel Fall - Mount Field National Park

Back to my tent, I took shower and went to the information centre to get some water and information of the Park.

At the information centre, Mark was having a cup of coffee wondering what to do next today. He had packed all his stuff by then so I said bye to him and I went back to the camp. I had another sleep till 1.30pm.

Then, I wrote yesterday's diary, read lonely planet and a novel, Songlines, one of the books I brought for this trip.

I had coffee later afternoon as I haven't had anything hot since yesterday's lunch. Unfortunately, the coffee was not hot enough but the staff at the cafe was warm enough.

Now, its about 5.30 in the afternoon. I will have dinner shortly and get ready for tomorrow.

It's been a nice rest day.

There are heaps of them in the Park - Tasmanian Podemelon

Today's Route

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